Tuesday, October 18, 2011


With no better thing to do, I went to a movie theater to watch "Larry Crowne", starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts. To my surprise, the opening credits had Pam Grier as one of supporting actresses! Pam? the 70s catfighter queen of B movies? Amazing. In fact, it was not easy to recognize her in the role of Frances, a college teacher. Anyway, she was there, alive and well, with a few extra pounds. According to the IMDb site, she has been very active after leaving the catfighter stereotype role.

She was already featured here in the Blog; however, in this post I have better quality clips, besides a few seconds interview on the "Larry Crowne" set. The segments are from "The Arena" (1974), "Black Mama, White Mama" (1973), "Big Doll House" (1971), "Foxy Brown" (1974), "Hit Man" (1972) (the frontal nude scene), "Coffy" (1973), and the above mentioned interview (yes, she is Pam Grier at 62...).



  1. Like I've said before ... Endless beauty ... Endless youth (or, at least the appearance thereof) ... Endless abilities ... Endless admiration ...

    She might require some training but my bet says she could still go full-blast in the fem-vs-fem scene.

    (Show me your money if you want to bet against me; I'll be Very Happy to show you mine !)

  2. Great and witty comments, Panther, as usual. But I am not going to bet my money against you...