Saturday, November 5, 2011

Week-End News

First, on Theater Four: Nudes in Combat (which means boobies and rare intimate crotch views...), there are half a dozen new complete fights, with special emphasis on the top video, where "modest breasts" fights "big breasts".

Second, the Becky vs Trisha bout continues (top page), with a no-name hold (bindweed?) and sexual innuendo (after these three years of fighting, something had to develop between the two...(LOL)). The previous hold is here.



  1. YouTube seems to be getting more aggressive in removing these videos.


  2. Yeahh, these ones were wiped out pretty fast...

    There are two old stuff on top of the list right now, let´s see...

  3. The newest picture with the fight between Trisha and Becky is real great!
    I got an idea: On the next picture Trisha crushes the toes of Becky and puts her foot on the face of Becky.
    What do you think?