Thursday, December 1, 2011


That is the best post title for this video of French duo Brigitte (homage to Brigitte Bardot), formed by Sylvie Hoarau and Aurélie Maggiori. The nice song - "Coeur de Chewing Gum", has its theme depicted by a catfight in a pink colored substance that could well be... chewing-gum!

Thanks to the Blog reader who pointed out this interesting video to me.


  1. Tres Bien Fait !!!

    (I think that's how the French would say it ...)

    Very Well Done !!!

    No doubt The composer(s)/("choreographer(s) ?") who did all this spent a hell of a lot more time in actual preparation than the video itself took to play out. It turned out extremely well.

    Good choices for song and title, too.

  2. Oui, c´est bien mon ami! (it is missing a couple of accents, although)

    More on this subject - video music & catfight, soon...

    Take care