Monday, December 5, 2011

It Had No Chance...

The movie that for a little time filled up the Theater Four main screen on the last Saturday was this one:

As usual here, it is a shortened version (you do not loose much entertainment after all...) of the bold upload done by the YouTube user Nicefetishfightingdom: likely to be a record in bravery.

By the way, even risking a misunderstanding of the movie soundtrack, it should have been a production by the raunchy oriented Dragon Films.


Post Scriptum: there is a similar quality movie on Theater Four right now. Or there was...


  1. I always love seeing a bigger woman dominate a smaller one.

  2. For me it's exactly the opposite.
    I like it when the smaller woman wins but the match should never be one-sided.

  3. I love one sided matches. I haven´t seen many of them though and that´s too bad. One sided fake, scripted matches are boring though but one-sided REAL, competitive matches are a dream come true

  4. that big women is awsome

  5. those thighs massive skinny girl had no chance

  6. big women is fantastic what a body

  7. Hello, is it a possibility to watch it on youtube ? There is impossible
    with the link here.