Thursday, December 29, 2011

Two Full, Two Half

To the fans of Full Nelsons, we have four hold illustrations, all of them in combos with body scissors. The first two are fully naked: California Wildcats CV216 Rough Stuff and Festelle. The last two are topless and fully competitive: Female Muscle World Ziggy vs Val and Festelle FV126.



  1. Hell of a good series featuring this genre.

    REALLY good !!!

  2. Ohhh my goodness....I absolutely love this clip. Full Nelsons have always been one of my all time favorite female wrestling submission holds. They are just gorgeous. I love to see a women desperately helpless by another women in this position. I would still love to see my girlfriend in this situation by her friend or other girl. The last clip is my favorite of this clip. Beautiful situation of complete helplessness and desperation on her face and body knowing she can not do anything to save herself from be tortured any longer by the better girl!! Gorgeous hold!!

  3. (03:01)...I have never seen a Nelson in this very awesome standing position. Great hold combination and very effective, that makes the opponent hepless.