Monday, January 16, 2012

A Bittersweet Longing

In the pre-Web times, one of the ways to get women fighting imagery was to browse magazine stands - either in the streets or in a corner of an adult store. In many occasions, the customer was not allowed to look inside and the decision to buy had to be taken by the cover alone. And regrets used to happen here and there... But I was younger and the Internet was on the way...



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  2. Quite a bit of the American stuff, such as the Sports Review Wrestling and some of the California based studios, were shot by photographer Theo Ehret. In the coffee table book of his work he mentions that he basically shot clothed, topless and nude shots for almost all of those assignments, and I somehow doubt all of them made it into the porno versions. Somewhere is a cache of my teenage dreams...

    1. Very good information indeed. That will result in a follow-on post.