Monday, January 9, 2012

One Beauty, Two Names (Or Three?): Revision

In July 2009 (yes, I started a long time ago...), I posted an entry about Lynn Marie, a curvaceous beauty who used to appear also as Treena Collins (any doubts?). First, her appearances as Lynn Marie, mostly for Golden Girls.

Second, some of her appearances as Treena Collins, mostly for Joan Wise.

The point is: a Blog reader has made a remark recently that she used a third fantasy name as well: nothing less than Lisa-Marie. I have found some similarities but could not conclude anything: sometimes I think they are the same person, a moment ahead in the movie I do not see any resemblance.

Recently, another Blog regular has totally dismissed the "three in one" possibility. Anyway, all three characters are here - photos and videos, for your comparisons. Of course, the one below is Lisa-Marie.



  1. I think it was I who started this debate, as I'd always believed Lisa Marie and Treena Collins to be one and same. However, another reader said this was not so and I accepted that. Now, I'm somewhere halfway between the two viewpoints and am no longer sure where I stand. Just how many women can there be out there of this physical stature and beauty and who wrestle? Maybe I'm just drinking in the wrong bars.

  2. Great comment, thanks.

    Maybe one of the beauty aliases could come forward and clarify the issue to the readers ...

  3. Like mentioned earlier and again confirmed without a doubt: Treena Collins is not Lisa Marie as can be conluded from the pictures and videos.

    I wonder why someone would still doubt because it is pretty clear when you look at the body stature, the face, the hair, body movements, the entire appearance is different with both suspects.

    Oh please, make Lisa Marie come forward!!!

  4. As Airlock_NL says, there is no doubt on this issue. Lisa Marie was from Down Under and somewhat larger than Treena. Both Lisa Marie and Treena wrestled for Joan Wise, but I don't think they ever fought.

  5. Lynn-Marie maybe, Lisa-Marie never (taller and a very good fighter, while Treenas back is very familiar with the mat).
    There was also an appearance at the ECNWC Studio in video 38 where I admired her almost unchanged figure.

  6. One of the best jobbers out there at the time! Not sure I ever saw her win a match, but she suffered beautifully.

  7. Yes, it was a landslide: Treena-Lynn is NOT Lisa-Marie. However, I still look for a fight with Treena-Lynn for Savage Video where she appears as Marie.

    Thanks everybody