Saturday, January 14, 2012

One More To The Catalog

This is the Lotus Lock (a.k.a. Leg Nelson) and its main stage is the pro-wrestling. Nevertheless, the first segment is from APL523 Mutiny vs Quischa in a fully scripted match; second and third are standard pro: first from Japan and them one from WWE Divas. The gem is the last one, from an unknown source, where an extravagant dressed overweight woman applies a Lotus Lock combined with a double toe hold (or Boston Crab). Everyone can contribute with a name for this combo...



  1. Yes ... Quisha Page & APL sounded like an odd combination. As I checked it out, it turned out that APL has changed a bit over the years. I wonder if Ana is still active there as most matches are from the USA with very familiar faces such as for example Quisha but also Goldie, Sandy, Mutiny, Miss Dupree, Ms. Etzold, Shelly Renee Berg and so on. Kinda like Double Trouble reborn.

    Anyway, Quisha came to APL and got squashed in almost all her matches there. Is this the legecy of this veteran or is this what the fans want, to see her get beaten over and over again?

    Looks still pretty hot though; got her boobs re-enhanced recently to an 38DD too. what age is she nowadays anyway?

  2. last vid was Sleeperkid's World featuring Sweet Destiny a.k.a. Little Jeanne

  3. Yea I recognized the "larger" gal as Little Jeanne. I had the pleasure of tussling with her before she had her child. She never has gotten back to her pre child size. She is a sweetheart non the less.