Thursday, January 26, 2012

When The Fighting Stars Were Younger (13)

After all the fuss about Treena Collins being/not being Lisa Marie, nothing is better than show the later one - our sexy kiwi, in one of her early matches for California Supreme, here against an interesting fighter, Lolita. The brief interview and the staring moment are preserved in the video.



  1. Well, this has been worth watching because I thought I had seen it all when it comes to the kiwi Lisa-Marie but this match I did not know; thank you for sharing!!!

    I always was under the impression that Lisa Marie did wrestle LFFP's jobber Lolita only once as I was under the impression that all the matches Lisa Marie did for California Supreme were compiled on one tape: VT-177.

    Do you have anything more on this match for example a tape number (it is not VT-177) or clips or even a download of the entire match ??

    Any input would be highly appreciated !

  2. It is nice to have regardful readers to remind me to mention the video number: it is VT-191 and can be found at Cal Supreme TV


  3. when you mention late 1,are you saying treena collins is deceased?if not where is she now?

    1. Sorry, I meant "later one" referring to Lisa-Marie. Thanks for noticing the error.

  4. Treena Collins is AKA Lynn-Marie(Golden Girls and DT)not Lisa-Marie.