Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Challenge: Wrestling Vs Jiu-Jitsu

East Coast Cats put together two fine instances of fighters representing each one main combat techniques: wrestling (with a body builder body) and jiu-jitsu (brazilian jiu-jitsu, more specifically). The first woman is Michie and the second one, Kyla. Notice that the later one prefers to be on the mat to apply the submission holds which she master. 100% competitive, as the producer announces.



  1. Looks like a very good match. Very competitive. Strenght is not always what determins the out come of wresting. Would love to see the whole match.

  2. I saw the match and it is quite good (unfortunately the site where it was posted was taken down). Definitely very interesting seeing the frustration of Michie as a skinny asian (certainly no bodybuilder) school her for much of the match.

  3. Yes saw the match online (however site has been taken down). Very interesting seeing Michie grow frustrated and surprised being schooled by a skinny asian (at least no bodybuilder).

  4. This is one of my favourite matches. Michie is Michelle Burdick, a well-known FBB and Kyla is Kyla Luciano, an accomplished martial artist. The "full" version oddly doesn't show one of the best submissions - Michele almost chokes Kyla out with a brutish forearm across the throat - all the while trashtalking. (This fall used to be available on YT).

    Kyla wins most her falls with skill - a couple of triangle chokes and a crushing bodyscissors to end the match - you should hear Kyla yelling as she applies more and more pressure.


  5. Thanks, folks, for the information. The match is available at EastCoastCats as ECC-05 as Kyla vs Sady