Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Let Me Go (45): All Styles

The first 2012 edition of our headscissors series features a bit of everything: first, a rare incursion of Golden Girls in the pro-wrestling; second, California Supreme VT74 nude match between Blondi and Roni; third, Triumph girls; fourth, Premier Productions Charlene Rink being submitted by ? and, last, Lusa Entertainment.



  1. I believe Charlene Rink's opponent is Lynn McCrossin in Premier Productions pp 245.


    1. I also thought Lynn - maybe Sheena?

      I love the pro segment - big, beefy and tough women. The dark-haired one sure looks mean and realistic.

  2. Catfihterfan is right; it is the PEC Panther Lynn McCrossin vs Charlene Rink.


  3. One of the best Headscissors I have seen is an old Festelle production from the 1980s featuring a semi professional bout btwn Dee Jones and Goldie Wells.Early on Goldie secures Dee Jones head between her powerful thighs for sometime forcing Dee to use much energy to eventually escape using the headstand technique.Goldie quite quickly then finishers her with a Fantastic fast Boston Crab submission followed immediately after the break by Goldie applying a backbreaker in which Dee screams yes yes yes please ! for the winning submission.