Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sub-genre #32

A Blog reader requested posts about fights where one of the women is thoroughly beaten and stripped of her clothes at the end of the combat. So far, I have not found many cases of this sub-genre and the one below would not get any award from the Female Fights Academy © (ok, it is now officially launched...). The movie is from Pro-Style Fantasies, featuring Emily and Cali. The stage performance is awful but the girls are delightful. 



  1. Well...I'm about to date myself as a long-time reader here. A couple of years ago, you posted a vid from the Hellfire Club.


    The end of the second video is an interracial bout, where the black woman really trashes the white woman and strips her clothes.

    Al J.

    1. Yes, Al, amazing the video is still there after 3 1/2 years: someday I will have to do a full housekeeping to get to know all the stuff that is posted here (lol).
      Anyway, the sub-genre #32 has a peculiarity: the winner has to stay dressed (or with some clothing). The video you have mentioned pertains to the sub-genre #4, much more common (lol again).

      Thanks for the comment.

    2. The Prostyle Fantasies stuff has some potential but it gets old. I'd love to see the heels worked over at least once. :)

      And also the wrestling itself is pretty basic and staged, which is ok, but still....


  2. Thanks a lot for the post. It was very kind of you...

  3. I don't suppose anyone knows where to find ProstyleFantasies stuff? While the idea and models are enticing, there's no way I'm paying $30 a video for stuff that badly choreographed and acted. Free on the other hand, definitely.