Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Race Is Over...

... to watch the landslide of sexy fighting videos published on Theater Four yesterday. Two of them sported gorgeous and hot women and an extract of both are here. The first is DWW Movies-883 Renata B. vs Luna - this nude fight should have been the main reason for removing the whole batch of movies. The second one, from Foxy Combat, has the astonishing hot Marlies against Bianca: the work-out session would be enough to make a good movie but they also fight!

Video removed by copyright owner request (Foxy Combat)

I think it is worthwhile to make some notes at this point in time:

1) if you want to get an alert when many clips are added to Theater Four, please, subscribe to the Blog using the resource in the left column. You are going to receive a message from your news reader every time I post.
2) these clips are removed from YouTube not only because they depict more flesh than allowed by the service but also due to copyrights violation.
3) being very frankly, this Blog also does not have any agreement with any producer: technically, it can be punished by Blogger at any moment and removed (Blogger and YouTube are owned by Google).
4) on the other hand, after almost four years online, I have received just two personal e-mails from female fighting producers: the late Bruce from Academy and the WrestlingZone sites owner: the first just asked for a favorites link and the second one asked me to stop sampling and posting its material. Both requests were immediately complied with.
5) it is very likely that the 45,000 Blog regular visitors are an important source of revenue to the producers who, after all, are supposed to pay the women, crew, facilities, sites, ... everything that is needed to provide stuff for our fun. Therefore, both sides win: you get information and producers stay in the business.
6) maybe piracy would be mitigated if the pricing model of female fighting videos would be something like Apple apps: but that is a long subject and my rant is getting too long...

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