Friday, March 30, 2012

Another Crazy Idea...

I guess the pro fighters in the business sometimes should wonder what a producer has on his mind to make the girls to put on these mini skirts - and nothing else. Poor Xana! It is APL 326 and she battles Jane.



  1. Sometimes you just want to add a variation in apparel that's still alluring. The mini-skirts serve that purpose, imho.

  2. Sometimes you wish a clip would keep playing ;-)


  3. Yes, I also would like to have the remaining of the video.

  4. Xana is a wonderful wrestler. Perfect looks, strong, agile and very skilled. She often beats bigger opponents. Would really like to see her in a deathfightpit as I like gladiatrixes. I hate so called prowrestling which I call clown-wrestling, badly staged and badly played. Kid-stuff. MMA is boring too cause the girls always hit each other in the head, never the body which seemes to be a bigger and more soft part. Xana is the best!