Friday, March 2, 2012

Breasts & Tanning

In these vintage combats, our big breasts fighters have not exposed her full bodies to the sunshine resulting in sexy effects. The first segment is from a Prestige Video featuring an inverted grapevine that is... herr... graphic. Second one is from Steel Kittens SK-219 Chantel vs Talia and the third one - the best in my opinion - is here for the second time and features the lovely Danni Ashe in a competitive combat probably for Video Sports for CandB Video.



  1. Danni Ashe in action for C&B Video. This day she did wrestle this woman as well as a mixed match.


  2. Danni actually looked like she knew what she was doing with wrestling. I wish she had stuck with it!


  3. The first video is Tami Monroe

  4. RE Danni Ashe: in the original video she loses at the very end to a sleeper hold. They cut that off the online version of the video.

  5. Sorry, but somebody has to say it. As beautiful as Danni Ashe is,
    most of her videos are total disappoints. Very little action, predictable, dull. She photographs well, awesome body, but no film presence.