Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The Italian movie producers of post-war got famous with their cinema verit√† style (filmed as a sort of documentary). The less famous film makers have also produced catfight scenes which were remarkable blending sexy shots with sense of humor. These four black and white sequences show what I mean: the first is from "Riso Amaro"  (Bitter Laugh) (1949) and depicts a kind of ... battle royal! Please, notice the split second scene with the breast grabbing. 

Second sequence has "Rosalba, La Fanciulla di Pompei" (1952) (Rosalba, The Girl from Pompei). Here the edition does some rough humor at the (yet non existant) feminists... Third one, "Io Uccido, Tu Uccidi" (1965) (I Kill, You Kill): the fun comes again with the intersperse of catfight shots with related comments by the card players. And finally, from "I Pappagalli" (1956) (The Parrots), with the unforgettable Alberto Sordi (not in the scene), a standard jealousy catfight in a square that finishes in a very Italian way. 


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