Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Moments Of Discomfort (I)

I was browsing Wrestling Lounge videos and got an urge to select and upload a compilation of the best moments. Or the worst moments, depending who you are in the fighting (lol). There are so many that will be a second installment in a week or so.



  1. With their wrestling skills and the "sweet-girls-next-door" image for me they always have been, are and ever will be as unique as hot and sexy. I hope to see them back in action on a day.

  2. As a result of the necessary work and compression to do this compilation the quality of the video is bad but I agree that the action and their style are superb.

    The Wrestling Lounge is a sheer delight under this increasingly with cheap porn overloaded genre. I'm hungrily looking forward to some more good wrestling action.


    1. I agree 100%. I hope some smart producer will read this.
      You are right as to the poor image quality reasons: it is partially intentional, though.