Sunday, March 18, 2012

Serious Challenges

Four staring eyes sequences that foretell grudge fights. First two are from ECNWC CF-47, Britanny vs Jemma and then Jessica vs Tablitha (this later one already commented in A Tiger Fight). The two fights are quite good but the staring of Britanny/Jemma is superior.

The third sequence is also very good, from DWW Movies-1020 Mary Ann vs Miriam and also curious due to the assets disproportion. The last one has a good quality as well but I was to sloppy to not record the source.



  1. Superb!!!
    i was the one who commented on Tiger fight...and u have really responded!...this "staring" phnomenon really turns me on.


  2. The last one is from DWW as well. It is Antonia & Laila.

  3. Staredowns between women are very sexy.

  4. ECNWC are the best producers of catfights . They don't put much out but when they do , they're great. In my opinion, the best CF video ever was #32 'Three Shorter Fights ' ... killer fights.

    Any clips posted here for anyone not familiar with these I'm sure would go over well :<) especially from the Camille vs Mia fight which was very brutal with vicious crotch attacks.