Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Topless Boxing From YouTube

Some of you have asked to see the topless boxing videos which stayed on YouTube few weeks ago. And here they are (I mean, extracts of, as usual). First, from Ringside, Jamie vs Brown Suga and Melissa vs Corrina: good technique and fierceness, with a two camera shooting and the benefits of slow motion. Then, from DWW(?) with unknown but good fighters and with Jeff the Ref! Finally - and very disappointing, Lisa Marie vs Jacqueline (fighting as Chantel) for California Supreme.



  1. The second segment is certainly from DWW. It features redheaded Barbara and I think Israeli Sheshan.

  2. The lady in the red thong in the DWW segment is none less than Barbara. Her opponent was billed as being 'Herta' and I would guess that she belonged to some German stable (AS Film?).