Saturday, March 31, 2012

Weekend Advice

Hi, folks, some of you may be experimenting troubles reading and watching Blog sections and videos. For this reason, it follows the best information I can provide on that:

1) The Web can be unreliable and slow specially when you have to load a heavy site like this Blog. The best browser for me is Google Chrome, then Firefox and in a distant third place, Internet Explorer.

2) Blogger - the Blog host, may be getting overpowered by the increased demand; let me remind everybody that is a FREE service;

3) Theaters based on YouTube playlists (1,2 and 4) are working in all browsers and should look like this:

In the yellow circle, it is the button that takes you to YouTube and the channel that provided the clip.

4) Theater based on DailyMotion playlists (3) is slower than YouTube to load and play, sometimes do not load at all, but in the end is working in all browsers and should look like this:

5) If you don´t get those players like above, first try to reload the page; if it doesn´t work, change to Chrome; if still doesn´t work... I don´t know!!!

6) last thing: Blogger has yet to fix the links gadget (Favorites): meanwhile, I am not able to make updates. See item 2)

Have a nice weekend and enjoy what is possible.

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