Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wrestling With A Twist

A leg twisting, that is. It is quite common in the ring wrestling specially in the professional leagues with live audience. However, the first sequence here is from Joan Wise with Treena Collins/Lynn Marie vs the equally gorgeous Golden Kat. It is followed by four segments in a ring: Double Trouble (?) with Jewel Shepard, vintage pro wrestling, Double Trouble again (?) with Andrea and SlamminLadies with Christie Ricci vs Malia Hosaka.



  1. The 2nd Double Trouble match-up is a classic one between the blonde Andrea vs the muscle veteran Spice Williams. Despite Andrea's effort did Spice win.


    1. In the first DT clip, I'm not sure that is Jewel Shepard, but I'd love to know who the other girl is in that clip. You only see her back, but she has great breasts!


  2. i think the two pro wrestlers were Vivian Vachon (one of my all-time favourites)and Marie Laverne.

    I must say though that the leglock was one of the most ineffective holds ever :)