Thursday, April 26, 2012

3D At Its Best

A skillful artist has done fighting stories with several scripts which are worth a visit. The site is not frequently updated, though. Here is a sample of his work.



  1. hey! Liked your "Bag of Boobies" recent post. The western clip is from the famous "Ramrodder" a movie of mid-sixties I believe. Anyways, when are you going to ask Napoli for permission to post their promo tape of Tushima vs Joi Reno? It is a good promo because it has Joi before she was enhanced and it shows Tushoma's tits knocking around Joi's tits. Also, on You tube look for this>> Anne Francis in "So Young, so Bad" (1950). In segment six of this movie posted on yt there is a scene I find sexy. It occurs seconds before Anne francis slaps an older woman in office scene. Just before the slap watch closely as Anne's breasts rise/heave a little . sexy.

    1. Hi, dear Anonymous. Thanks for your information and remarks. As to Tushima vs Joi, I have to rely on contributors because I do not have the video. I gave a look at "So Young, So Bad" scene and found it very, very subtle.