Sunday, April 8, 2012

The A To Z Fighter

My beloved Mutiny has kindly given access to her huge catalog of fights - that goes from Boxing to Wedgies  passing through every sub-genre in the industry: catfights, smothering, pro-wrestling, erotic, masked, ... you name it. Plus the mixed fights which I do not cover in this Blog.
From the dozens of fights, I have selected my preferred scenes in the most interesting productions IMHO. She appears in most of the fights but there are some with other wrestlers - including names like Xana, Nadege and Ariel X.

If I have not mixed up my controls, scenes are from Mutiny against Jenny, Kyra, then the MWs 114, 115, 176, 180, 193, 195, 196, 198, 199, 200, 225,255, 260, 267, 279, 282, 299, 300, 308, 313 and 325.

I am not an expert in the female fighting business but I think she has overextended the range of styles of her videos.  She is not a fully competitive wrestler like the ones mentioned above but she is gorgeous and sexy (see below...) and could do things in the style of the missed Wrestling Lounge, for example. Would you like to see her doing (or receiving) those intricate holds wearing a stamp size thong? Or maybe in this slingshot swimsuit? I would.

(hey dear, watch the scales...)


  1. I always hoped I'd see Mutiny make an appearance on Tribgirls .... but so far it hasn't happened :>(

    1. oh! and for tribgirls, I know who they are and I have been in contact with the person who owns it for a while! the thing is, they are in Austria and they can also shoot in Hungary!
      and, I still live in Canada and I dont speak their language at all! so its not that easy for me to go there :-)
      so thats why I never went :-) because I was also suppose to wrestle for DWW :-) but for the same reasons, I didnt go!

      Id probably have my ass kicked too, but that, I dont mind much :-)
      just dont want to get lost somewhere where I dont know the language at all! haha
      and I dont know anybody there :-)


  2. Hi!!! Mutiny here!
    i really appreciate your review! Thank you so much!! Thats very nice of you :-)

    Ill open a new section of MutinyWorld in 2012 and it will be . Nothing is ready yet, but Im pretty sure people will enjoy it! In 2011 I realized that I was really enjoying the sexy part of the business as long as I was chosing my opponents.

    So I decided I wouldnt do sexfights for other company but my own. It already happened to me that I've been match up with people that didnt attract me at all, and I hated it! So from now on, ill only chose girls I like and girls that are turning me on! :-)

    Ill still continue to do all the other fighting styles (pro, female, mixed, lift and carry, belly punching, fantasy, semi comp, etc), but Ill add the sexfights section too :-)

    Thanks so much again!!! :-)

  3. I still say that the most erotic sexfight ever was the one between Mutiny and Linda for APL. Everyone should buy Mutiny's videos because she is brilliant.... nuff said

    1. Do you happen to know the match number or title for this one ?