Thursday, April 19, 2012


In some occasions, standstills are better than moving images in order to examine in detail how these extreme high cuts swimsuits are able to disappear without getting apart: a real marvel of modern fabrics... Well, as you know, this is a series of DWW movies apparently made to order for a fan.



  1. Would it be possible to get some shots of nipple view, or boob view on this new "Freeze" category. That would be appreciated. That would capture my interest a bit more. As you can tell I'm a boob guy!!!

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    1. Nice information, but are you sure it is a DWW owned site?

    2. well they link to it from their main site so i presume so :)

      the banner at the top of the page:

      PS keep up the great work!

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    4. Well, Ok, let us enjoy it.
      The site is and it has some suspicious ads...

      Thanks for the hint

  3. It would be interesting to know how the women feel when the suit goes inside of them. Is it erotic for them, or do they even notice in the struggle, or somewhere in between?