Friday, April 13, 2012

Long, Long Doubles

Four headscissors in two combats but in pairs making two doubles: first is a bikini match over the bed from an unknown source; second is DWW Lucille vs Nikita.



  1. THESE are GOOD !!! ...

    I have to say those double headscissors done in fem wrestling are among the most Exciting and Arousing parts of the event !!!

    ALWAYS a winner !!! ...

  2. Panther 100 is a man of eloquence. I couldn't have said it better myself. The double headscissors are as hot as it gets. I'd like to see Cory Everson and Rachel McLish in this hold.

    1. So do I, but it is almost impossible...

    2. Thanks ... and a Big High-Five to you for that.

      I fully agree with yours and astrogalo's request ...

      Although there are many superb composers who I'm sure could do it, someone like Catzman and several others over on come to mind for making a pose of Everson and McLeish that could make this "happen."

      If I discover anyone who might have already done it, I'll post it here.

  3. Bed fights are usually very erotic.Many are Privatally arranged special invitation matches.The limited space encourages sex holds such as crotch holds, breast smothering ,headscissors and the fantastic face sit submission which ultimately results in the victims muffled cries of submission and the dominating women crying out with pleasure as her juices flow.GREAT!