Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Painful And More Painful

I cannot figure out how painful are abdominal stretch holds like the ones below. And even less its more complicated variation - a Japanese Twist (?), that requires one woman to mount over the adversary´s neck.

In the samples, we have eleven of the first kind and seven of second one, mostly from the pro-wrestling in Japan.



  1. I've heard the version where one leg is hooked over the neck called "The Octopus."

    Linda Dallas was one of the first North American women I saw using this hold (at about 10:25)


  2. Good examples of this. Despite the pouring out of "pain" (much is obviously exaggerated for fan effect) I find these to be on the sexy side. (Translation: They're even better when done in non-pro genres without all the intervening pro-style attire, spandex, fully-covered tops, "leggings," shoes, crap like that, etc.) At any rate, they're probably a great way to get those abdominal and neck muscles in good shape and (in those rare cases where some of the participating fems are in need of it), lose a few pounds, too.

    Good series.

  3. Always a beautiful female to female hold which is lovely to watch because of the length of time of the application ,the effort of the applicant and cries of pain from the recipient until the required result is acheived, be this a submission or weakener.Many women continue to apply it after the cry of submission so weakening the opponent for the next round.Mature women love to use it on younger faster opponents to weaken joints.

  4. I have now watched as many clips of this hold as I can find.It certainly is one of the most beautiful holds a women can apply to another women.It unusual as it is applied while both opponents are standing and results in excellent cries as the pain is applied and pleading for submissions.