Monday, May 28, 2012

Let Me Go (48): Beautiful Breasts

Headscissors in topless mode, from: Leather & Lace LL-176, Joan Wise (which one? a lovely catfight, by the way, ending in tribadism), California Supreme CS128, fourth segment seems from TPC, California Supreme, Academy, Nancy Novak domination, and two Foxy Combats with submissions: Vera vs Sylvia and Monika vs Sharon.

Video removed by copyright owner request (Foxy Combat)


  1. I loved the Nancy Novak clip. She was underrated as a competitive wrestler - not that she did much f/f. She had a mean streak that appealed to me :)

  2. Fourth segment is not TPC; the busty blonde is Sandy so my guess would be Double Trouble. After thsi comes a segment of California Supreme with New Zealands Lisa Marie (dark hair, black thong) headscissoring a chubby blonde girl whom I think is young Shelly Renee Berg but I am not sure, it could also be Inga.


    1. Thanks, Airlock_NL, always filing the gaps.