Friday, May 25, 2012

Tapping Out (31): Fast Ones

I realize they are very strong but the tapping out submissions are done after few seconds of being in a hold. Anyway, sweating, muscles and topless fighters are a good combination. This is Premier Productions V263 Dion vs Heather.



  1. I get the impression is defunct?!

    Somehow that is a shame because the often featured some sexy, fit women wrestling like Charlene Rink, Lynn McCrossin, Heather and my fav although appeared only a few times a FBB called Sheena Bocciolone reminding me of a real and strong Sheena and not someone like Tanya Roberts who is more a model.

    Anyway, a shame if this producer stopped making matches. Anyone know if Charlene Rink still wrestles for a company or is she only active in the stripper circuit ?


    1. Yes, it is my impression too. I have no news about Charlene but I guess she has found a more profitable income source than wrestling or stripping.
      Female Muscle World (
      has most movies from ToughGirls: hope they keep releasing new fighting videos.

  2. They're done, unfortunately. I remember the first match of their I saw -- two FBBs fast paced action in one piece thong suits. An eye opener, in more ways than one.

  3. Yeah, Premier Productions was my favorite producer by far and Charlene Rink .... well ... if I could have designed a female wrestler from my fantasies of looks and wrestling style and have her magically materialize , there would be Charlene Rink.

    Favorite Charlene matches of mine were with Lois Smucker , Pavla Brantalova and Lynn McCrossin but loved any female wrestling match she was in. I always hoped to see her wrestler Jill Munroe but that never happened :>(