Friday, June 22, 2012

Big Assets In Interracial Fights

All six wrestlers in this selection are not tiny at all, featuring good amounts of flesh below and above the waist line. The first two are competitive and the last is a porn flick. I have little information about those videos: in the very first, it seems Grace fighting for Amazon´s Prod and the last one has "Vanessa" and "Sara" acting.



  1. Some extra flesh on the right places can be very sexy as the white girl in the first clip shows. Well, in the last clip the girls show that some extra flesh below and above the belt can be used in a struggle as the use their assets against those of their opponents ... last clip blonde sara jay & vanessa blue.


  2. It's not Grace in the opening clip. I think, in fact, that it's from a Belgian Fighting Women video and that the black wrestler is Fatou. Anyone know who the dominant white lady is?

  3. The first fight is Dora vs Fatou (DWW), the 2nd is Lola vs Veronica (