Friday, July 20, 2012

A Classic Revisited

In the last days, I have been in a mood of revisiting catfight classics and today it is "From Russia With Love" gypsy the subject. The video below has two parts: first one has a good quality copy of the fight that requires a larger screen here in the Blog page; second part has a sequence of photos taken during the original movie shooting that I was not aware of. You may look at the sexy Aliza Gur and Martina Beswick while they rehearse and enact the legendary scene. Thanks to YouTube user Marliza27 for this second part. I agree with his/her comments saying that the fighting scenes should have been longer than the one we saw in the released movie. I bet that the left over was taken by director Terence Young to enrich his private collection...



  1. " ... the leftover was taken ... to enrich his private collection ..." If so, he should have been given a hard kick in his damn ass, imho. Granted, that was back then so I can't judge him too harshly. If that is too harsh of a judgement given the social values/restrictions back then, he should at least have made provisions to release the leftover film with sufficient warning so those who can and might want to see it in the future get a chance.

    Great post. I've said the following before about this but it bears repeating: The scene wasn't overboard on violence (I'd call it "controlled") and both women were superb. The stills just make one appreciate all the more how hard both beauties had to rehearse.

    With proper training I'd bet they could still do it all over again and still make heads turn.

    Don't laugh ... It could very well be true. Googled Raquel Welch, Suzanne Somers and others of "yesteryear" lately to see how they look and could perform today ??? ... Doubt if they could do a fem-vs-fem scene (maybe not Roller Derby ... but something still very competitive) ??? ...

    Still don't think so ??? ...

    Think again ...

  2. Any chance of reposting the stills as part of a slideshow?

    1. Yes, it is possible. I will do that in one week or two.