Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I Had Not Seem It (VII)

For the time being, our final dose of NWWL: today is Candi vs Harley, again a contribution from Oreganphil.

This finishes the NWWL "private" matches week. After this spree of naked fights, we can list the following full matches already in the Blog:

  1. Harley Davodsin vs Pixie Stardust
  2. Kandi Smith vs Nicki Knockerelli
  3. Annie Social vs Robin Steal (second match)
  4. Ninja Chops vs Lucy Libre
  5. Harley Davodsin & Ninja Chops vs Candi & Lucy Libre
  6. Ninja Chops vs Lucy Libre (another one)
  7. Harley Davodsin vs Candi 
We know there are more matches: if you are willing to share through this site, please, let me know. The only reason for that is those fights are not available anywhere to buy/rent.


  1. Thank you very much, Astro and Oreganphil.
    Nice combo of NWWL!

    Let me disagree with our sponsor Oreganphil, and say this videos Harley vs Kandi is actually the best of them. It has some points I appreciate in an women wrestling match (beyond beautiful girls naked, of course):

    1 - Cheating: bad girls using illegal "painful" moves;

    2 - Hairpulling: very sexy when one girls tosses the other by using the hair;

    3 - Using the ropes: one girl uses the ring's ropes to torture the rival. Here at 6:15 she uses the coil effect to hit
    the other girl.

    BTW, I haven't seen, for a long time, those chokes swapping the second
    and third ropes.

    4 - Boston crab;

    5 - Back torture;

    And, finally the most exciting element:

    6 - Screaming in pain an begging for mercy.

    There's another hot element, not showed in this video but in the tag team match that invariably leads to point 6:

    7 - Working the legs: hit the leg using the elbows, forced stretches, and pressing
    against the turnbuckle.

    And you guys, what are you into in a women wrestling match?

    Astro, what about some theaters/posts with the 7 themes above?

  2. The beginning of the video shows scenes of Ninja vs Kandi. It seems to be hot! Anyone will contribute?

  3. Since you asked Anonymous: the spectrum of female combat styles in very, very wide and I suspect my particular interest is right up one end of it.My preference is for a naked fight in a ring, with lots of aerial work(eg dropkicks), rope work (eg Irish Whips), attempted pins and a showy finish (eg Matchbook). It would probably take a Japanese pairing to do it properly (eg my personal favourite Jumping Bomb Angels), though Annie Social would be more than welcome. If I could find that, I could stop searching after 30 odd years!

  4. Hey, video producers: why don´t you listen to the clientele?