Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I Had Not Seen It - Extended

It seems that NWWL "private" matches are hard to find according to comments made to a previous post on the subject. Being so, making an exception to the rule, I have here the full match between Kandi Smith vs Nikki Knockerelli.




    Those girls are so gourgeous...

    I come to visit your blog every day, and today I had a very nice surprise!

    There were 11 of these NWWL "private" matches. You showed us 2 of them.

    C'mon, dude, share the rest of them with us! There's no other place in the web we can find it, unless oron come back to life or someone decides to reupload it in other filehost.

    You could make a "theater four special" with the matches, what about?

    Please, astro, we'll be forever grateful! lol

    In special, video 3 (the tag team match), video 2 (it seems to have a hot bostom crab), video 8 (a stunning blond performing a ceiling hold), and any video with davodsin... dude, all of them please! lol

    1. You are welcome, my friend. I wish I had all of them but I don´t. There may be one or two more in my messy repository which I will post.
      As to a Theater,it is a good idea but it is not possible because YT would wipe them out in two seconds. Even DailyMotion is too prudish.


  2. I think you will find that there were somewhat more than 11 NWWL 'Private' matches.The NWWL had more than a dozen girls on the roster doing them and I believe from memory that there were at least 20 done over a period. But just how many you would want to keep is the question - some were very good content, others were pretty woeful. I have 7 of them that I think are among the best (most of which Female Fight Theater has now shown), but there are still a few I'd like to find (such as the first fight between Annie Social and Robin Steal). We live in hope!

    1. Contributors are welcomed... Anyway, does anyone have the list of these "private" fights? Some of them, at least.


  3. I have previously mentioned 11 "new" matches based on this:

    There was once a bundle of 13 videos, two being old matches from the 2005 show. It seems that 11 of them were never launched as a DVD show; also they agree with the short scenes brought to us by astro in other posts. Recall I'm talking about the post-Carmen Electra era. Some of the girls played only for the well-known 2005 and 2007 DVDs. Some girls joined NWWL only in its final phase, that we call "private matches" (note they were recorded in some closed place without audience). I wish there were more than 20 of those matches, but I don't thik so...

    I would appreciate if Oreganphil proves I'm wrong! lol (c'mon dude, let us see the cards you hide in you sleeve lol)
    They also fought under the names Wet T-shirt Wrestling League for Playboy:

    and under Topless Women Wrestling League (so hot!!!):

  4. Well Anonymous, I'll try to justify my contention. I can't prove that there were more than 20 matches, because I only kept an interest in the ones I liked, but in the time that I was an NWWL site member,I can prove there were at least 15.

    The website you referred to lists 12 'private matches'-
    1. Ninja Chops vs Lucy (1st match - video not numbered on website)
    2. Harley vs Candi
    3. Tag: Harley & Chops vs Candi and Lucy
    4. Harley vs Sista
    5. Harley vs Pinky
    6. Harley vs big African lady (can't remember name)
    7. Harley vs Pixie
    8. Chops vs lucy (2nd match)
    9. Nicky vs Sista
    10. Nicky vs Candi
    11. Annie (Social) vs Robin (2nd match)
    12. African vs Sista

    Now in addition I know there was:
    - a first match between Annie and Robin (which I had but foolishly let go). You can find a short extract of it on the Net.
    - Pinky vs Sista (photo on this site includes it)
    - big African lady vs Pixie (I had video and photos but wiped them)
    - big African lady vs Pinky.

    I'm pretty sure there were more, but can't prove it.

    The seven videos I've got are all mentioned on your website (I probably got them back from there) and all have been shown on this website, in full or as an extract, except for the tag team match.

    1. Good, things are getting more clear, thanks to our fellow readers. And I have just found another one - buried in the wrong folder - to add to Oreganphil´s list: Pinky vs Ninja!
      I will post it soon.


    2. Oreganphil,

      Thank you for the information.

      All I've said was based only in that "bundle"
      of videos once available in oron and the links reproduced
      in forums.

      Since you were a NWWL site member, there's no argument!
      But things seems much more sad now that you let me know
      there are some other LOST matches. (lol)

      What a pity! Shame I hadn't become a member like you did,
      I couldn't complete the membership process here from my

      There is some chance you make them available for download
      in some way?
      Or send them to our glorious astrogalo, to post in the blog?

      It's true that most of them have been showed in extracts,
      but we'll be very happy to see them in their full extensions.

      In special the tag team match!

      By the way, who won the "african lady vs pixie" match?
      (it might have been a good domination match, with the
      beautiful blond spanked...)

    3. I invite all readers to contribute to NWWL full "private matches" repository. In my accounts, this Blog has already Kandi Smith vs Nicki Knockerelli and Harley vs Pixie (through DailyMotion). Annie Social vs Robin Steal (what a names...) will posted this Friday. We are missing just about twenty fights (LOL).


  5. Luckily, Anonymous, I was able to join the NWWL from my country (Australia) without any problems.

    For your information, the African lady (who I suspect was actually American) did dominate her match against Pixie (though no spanking). I think her role at NWWL was to do domination matches against much smaller opponents. I don't like such matches, so I didn't follow up on any of them.

    I have heard the call from yourself and our host, and during the next few days I will try to get some matches to our number one man Astro Boy to publish.

    As I said before, some matches are better than others. From my point of view, taking into account the action and the girls involved, I think the best matches are:
    - the tag match
    - the two Annie Vs Robin matches
    - Ninja Vs Lucy (2nd match)
    - Harley vs Kandi(Candi?)
    - Pinky vs Sista

    Let's see how many of them we can find!

  6. Long live Oreganphil!
    Long live Astrogalo!

  7. If people actually bought the product you would still have a ton of content to enjoy. Why do I know this? I worked for this league for 4 years straight. We'd make a product that cost us a ton of cash. Carmen Electra, from what I can remember cost us $150 thousand for both the big promotions we put o.. But as soon as we got it to DVD it was on a torrent site in less than a week. We had massive plans for a full US tour. The Harley Davidson anniversary was our test event for the potential tour. Suffice to say, we went bankrupt. Enjoy your free downloads boys.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Todd has a point here I have always said: if nobody buys and everybody "shares" in a short time there will be no producers at all.