Friday, August 24, 2012

I Had Not Seen It (III)

As promised, one more fight from the coveted NWWL series of the so-called "private matches" (with no live audience). This is Annie Social vs Robin Steal (I don´t know if it is the first or second match).
I have just one remaining title: Pinky vs Ninja Chop, that will be posted this week end. But we are going to have the contributions of Blog reader Oreganphil pretty soon.



  1. more videos of annie social please!!!

  2. There were dozens more episodes. Does any one have them?

    1. As far as I know, unfortunately they released 13 episodes (no audience) and two CDs (with audience) only. Most of them are available here in the Blog: check the NWWL tag on the page left column. There are a couple of posts where the video is gone: they will be restored pretty soon.

  3. When the website was active there were MANY episodes that I can't find today. I'm wondering if any of the members downloaded them.