Monday, August 6, 2012

Sexy Headlocks

I have posted a couple of clips with headlocks not much time ago. Now, I have also headlocks - from the  side category - mostly used to dominate and expose the naked adversary for several minutes. We, fans, appreciate that. Exception: the third segment from SexyFightingZone, where Ariel X extracts a submission from Melanie Monroe in a few seconds: I would rather the scene have lasted more. First clip is from an old Academy video (?) and second one from DWW, Antscha vs Anna L.



  1. I really lov this video. Two pretty girls getting us all hot and bothered. Very seductive and I'd love to spend time with both of them. LOVE THE VIDEO!

  2. I simply looooooooovvvvvvvvve this video The first 3:14 is like watching angels wrestle. I cannot stop watching it. THANK YOU to the person who posted this. Very Nice!

  3. The DWW clip is from DWW 279: Lightweight Round Robin.
    I realy recommend this fight for those who love intense
    competitive female nude wrestling. It's intense, fast
    and furious and even. This is one of those fights i
    watch over and over again
    And NO, i have no economical interest in DWW.

  4. WOWW!!! Still looooooovvvvee this video. MY FAVORITE of all time. Wish I knew their names. But this video is totally awesome and they are foxy with ALL the trimmings. WOWWWW!!!

  5. This must be the sexiest headlock video I have ever seen! Very intense but fair ... A real headlock must make you sweat and I think the woman in the first match was sweating real good. The direct German translation would be "sweatbox" and this lady was put i. A real sweatbox ("schwitzkasten")!