Thursday, October 18, 2012

Come Up Of Beatrice Oldies

I have found this full video with a combat between Beatrice Goffin and Ria for Festelle in DailyMotion. You may already have seen it but it was not in my humble playlist posted months ago. According to our readers, we are still missing dozens of fights with the Belgium star.


  1. A very good idea to preserve the imcomparable heritage of feisty Béatrice, a true pioneer in wrestling. Her career spans more than 40 years. Nowadays she is still a great athlete. It is a challenge for the whole community to compile a complete list of her videos. I do hope we will be successful.

  2. This is truly wonderful. I love the stand up action, and sweaty breast to breast contact. These older vids are so hot. I wonder if there are any movies from Beatrice's freestyle career.

  3. On Barb's Old board (Women's Combative Website) there was a guy who obsessively posted about Beatrice. He would always refer to a certain match of hers that he said was the best girl wrestling match he ever saw.

    I keep hoping that he visits this site like so many of Barb's old members do and with these regular posts about his favorite Beatrice, he will add some comments and mention which match that was he held in such high regard. I used to think it was the Ali Day match but something makes me second-guess that.

    Anyway, thanks again for posting more on her, another wrestler I 'missed' during her active wrestling days.

    1. I guess that highly recommended match was a match against her long time rival Leonie. Leonie was one of Béatrice´ most challenging and anpleasent opponents. Leonie has terrible scissors and her stamina is close to that of Béatrice. During their fights they really dislike each other. Sometimes Leonies defeated the Belgian championesse and Béatrice gasps for air due to the pressure of Leonie.

    2. It could be ... but I understand they met several times so which match might be hard to single out except I definitely remember the guy saying the match ended with Beatrice face-sitting the other girl. That was something that shocked but really excited him, adding that he always thought Beatrice of being into the 'pure sport' of wrestling and that seeing her trying to humiliate and opponent like this just blew his mind !

      The poor guy was so effected by this and thought this match was so sexy that he chose this one to 'come out of the closet' about his girl wrestling fetish to his wife ; using this video to introduce her to his 'thing' !

      Bad idea , LOL ......

      His honesty resulted in him promptly having his ass torn-up, chewed-up and spit out by his less-than-understanding wife, forcing him to run back 'into the closet' .... promising her to NEVER watch another girl wrestling video EVER ~ " ... or ELSE ! " LOL

      I felt for the guy but admit I would have loved to be a fly on the wall to see that whole thing unfold .... it had to be hilarious !!

      Sorry for the long post but thought this was a great story in case some of you never heard it :>)

  4. For those who like:

    Link posted on a forum; video called "Tournament of Champions" featuring among others Beatrice Goffin, Casey and Ziggy.


    NO pass.


    1. Thanks, Airlock_NL, for the contribution: hope more readers will do that. However, the fight Beatrice vs Ziggy is already in the playlist of the


  5. While I admit that fascination for Beatrice and heck it could have been me from Barb's site, I hope it was not. The Leonie matches of which I have 4 (and I think they met 7 times), you can tell the dislike as opposed to most good natured matches Beatrice had. It was in part that Beatrice did tell me in an email exchange that Leonie was the one opponent she did dislike, so there was more than just competition when they met.

    I figured that if there was anyone to explain my fascination about submission wrestling and share this prediliction it would be Beatrice. Come on should any woman looking at Beatrice not know you are not turned on by her looks. Beatrice is no stunner. She can be considered mildly attractive at best with an athletic body.

    Of all her opponents most too were not stunners (Maggie, Leonie, Ziggy, Sherry, Ria, Sheila.....). The only one knockout (outside Robin) is one I have seen nowhere else named Dina.

    So yes would like to here of her best and most intense match.

    Will post more if there is interest.

  6. Further to the above I forgot Anja & Ali Day amongst the # of opponents, not one of which I would consider overly attractive so she was safe and I felt that my spouse would not feel a sense of competition as with those in porn per se (and beauty or large breasts.....).

    So it is only Beatrice, her reputation and her fights mostly just submission where she knew how to play to the buying public (though a terrible salesperson) that made her someone I wanted to see over and over. All the early matches I had she won, and only later did I see her submit (and often painfully) and then lose, that heightened the fascination.

    I keep asking and hope she would do a compilation and comment o her best and most infamous battles and complete the picture for many of her fans.

    Add to that the films mostly in her loft built for wrestling were well taped and added an intimate quality.

    As said will post more if interest.

  7. Sorry more..... The Ali Day match was worked and of course the Lee Price was something I had never seen before. I read elsewhere they were drinking the previous night and Beatrice was soemwhat turned off by Lee's lack of respect for the match the next day (ie. little drunk)and taught her a lesson.

  8. I guess this will be the most commented post in the Blog´s life...

    Just a hint in this chase for videos of Beatrice fights. You probably know this article about her on the female wrestling wikipedia:

    They mention she got 2nd in a 1986 wrestling festival (olympics rules, probably) to Sylvie Maret, who happen to appear in a late 1980 combat here (girl in red suit):

    Would anybody have noticed an young Beatrice at one of the hundreds of YouTube clips with olympic wrestling from Europe?

  9. I am glad the information I provided in an earlier posting proved accurate. Noticed on the wikipedia page that Beatrice did wrestle Tigra and Maggie Jennings; I wonder who won those fights?


  10. While I have not seen it, Beatrice beat Tigra amazingly.

    In a tape called the Athens Tape, Beatrice easily controls Maggie, in what was not a very good match based on disorganization of the tape, lack of cohesion and it was disjointed. I think she submits Maggie 3-4 times but can't be sure.

    There is a video available (along with many others) on Rockin Roxanne where Beatrice and Maggie have a great 20 minute match where Maggie defeats Beatrice.

    Beatrice did tell me of another tape where she gets revenge

  11. Isn't it amazing how many are drawn to Beatrice ? She didn't have the best production or marketing, she was not a run way model with implants - a couple things that seems to have become a prerequisite before a girl could work for a wrestling producer - and rarely wrestled other women who were more than average in the looks dept. ... and I don't mean that in a derogatory way.

    Yet something about her and her matches is incredibly sexy ; maybe because it's more in line with what we'd see if our girlfriends, wives or neighbors wrestled for fun and we got to watch. Her stuff was never overly produced or edited, planned or 'worked'. This is what I mean when I say that ECNWC has a certain thing about their stuff ; without the state of the art equipment and shooting locations ( like FoxyCombat for example ) they make you feel like you're right there in the room with them watching the 'girls next door' doing it.

    Wow ... I didn't know Beatrice and her husband went to prison over their wrestling ... all this inside info that was postedis fascinating.

    If the major Bea fan who had contact with her has more info he's willing to share and it's OK with Astro; I'm one that's all ears for it :>)

  12. Okay a little more about Beatrice for what it is worth. She was the first videos I saw. Grew up reading and pretending Sports Review Wrestling and Apartment Wrestling was real. I didn’t view it as catfighting (though the stories did tend to lean that direction). What it was, was there were stories, like wrestling itself. The champion was Cynara and when women fought there was something to fight for.

    So I fell for real submission wrestling and Beatrice’s match vs. Ali day was he first I remember, followed by her match with Nancy (I think) for a California company (name escapes me). They were real, in bikinis and fulfilled what I wanted, a supposed competition between the best. Did not see back then Judell DuLong, who in her pictorials and match sheets made all matches, particularly between Judell and her opponents seem more special then I am sure they were.

    Got other tapes from Ken Star, featuring Tigra, Ziggy and others and read Barb’s site. Beatrice in all the matches I got would win (though she did tell me the Ali Day match for Ealer Dayton was a work, but I thought Ali was the best at Ealer Dayton so again the matches seemed important with ALi crying when she lost).

    Ordered along the way her matches in California vs. Kristie, Ziggy, Danielle and all in Bikinis or 1 pieces.

    Heck I did not get a topless for the longest while, so legitimacy was assured.

    Finally rented a few from ffvrc, which included topless matches vs. Anja (a series of 9 challenges including arm-wrestling, bearhug, scissors, boxing, tug-o-war……) and a badly taped Athens round robin. At the same time ordered a DWW or two.

    Then came the famous Lee Price match with the erotic ending and actual domination.

    So I search and mostly it is two women wrestling and seldom is there a great deal of interest, like some more than others but drawn to Beatrice because there is something real about her. Certainly it was not her looks, nor those of 90% of her opponents. Just athletic women who hated to submit.

    So I don’t even remember how but was told I could email her directly and she’d sell tapes from her collection and then it started. I hadn’t seen her lose so she was a mythical standard. The matches were real and she was human, not muscle bound, mma trained (bjj) or plastic.

    She sent me two matches vs Leonie, one short one vs. Dina and one vs. Maggie. It was here I finally saw she was human and lost too. The matches in her loft were intimate, the animosity vs. Leonie palpable, intensity high, skill level very good and perfect in length.

    So I wanted to see as many as I could. We had some emails, she was a nice enough woman, her english good not great, and sometimes a little short with me. I figured if she could and should market her thoughts and commentary on her best matches.
    I have pretty much ordered all that interested me from Rockin-Roxanne’s site, of which her two matches vs Dina (very attractive), which may be my new favorites, a few staged and so so Catfights, and a very good match vs. Sherry (#5), where Sherry finally puts up a very good fight vs. Beatrice (hear that she too drew with Tigra).

    Why Beatrice was good, is that she did show facial expressions and in some matches did actually trash talk and play to the camera. When in pain, you knew it and when she won, you could tell it was important to her. Very few have been able to match that.

    If you are interested in more of my rantings/view, let me know.

  13. Thanks for the very personal contribution that adds so much value to the Blog. Please, go ahead and feel free to use this space. I am also considering to setup a separate page for Beatrice Goffin to accommodate all memorabilia relative to her.


  14. Just worth a mention is that Beatrice's opponent here Ria was a very good wrestler and fought a number of bouts for Festelle.
    She is Ria Kleine and though Phil announced her from London she was in actual fact German.

    1. Great to hear... Ria had many matches during the hey day of Festelle tournaments. Ria had a tough time with a cloudy taping with a blonde Judo player as one of the first films from WISC that later turned into Festelle Phil or Phil R's WISC/TPC. Most of the clips now are found on the ASF site (which I suspect age is a factor along with the new Joan Wise archive) and Kontex has the first tough woman and tournament between the London Sports fighters and Endinburgh women under the Ring Girl Productions that are also not worthy in today's age where MMA is now norm... Check out the Invitica shows or google them. Ria, Rica, and Petsi were some of my favorites from the European Scene along with Bea... Keep up the good work though funny now to watch how nostaglia shows up on utube...

  15. Have you ever seen two more exhausted fighters after a match?