Saturday, October 27, 2012

New Feature

You may have noticed a new tab above, named Beatrice Goffin: it is a separate page where I will keep a copy of all pictures and videos about the legendary star, just to facilitate the access to the fans. Links to the Blog main posts about her are also there. 

The posts themselves will continue to be published under the Home tab, including the ones about the Beatrice. Please, make your comments as you do normally in these standard posts.



  1. Okay I'll be the first to comment. The two screen captures are vs. Sherry in a festelle event that is interesting in that you see Leonie (Bea's greatest rival or the one she actually personally disliked) in the doorway in what was an England vs. Belgium tape. The posted match vs. Ria was in this same tape. Here you see a slimmed down Sherry who gives Bea finally a good match, however the room is too small and the time limit too short.

    I have stated if you want to see by far their best match order Beatrice vs. Sherry 5, where the video starts with them discussing this match in Bea's living room. You see Bea at least tried to make a little story prior to matches.

    The second, which I have not seen is vs. Michele, who looks very strong and never wrestled topless. I saw them in the Athens tape , which I have commented was badly filmed & produced. Beatrice won that one.

    More if people are interested.

    1. " I have stated if you want to see by far their best match order Beatrice vs. Sherry 5 ... "


      Order from who ?

    2. Sure, at least the Web Master is quite interested. Thanks for the contribution.

  2. Rocking Roxanne's site. She has a Beatrice Section. Also check euro fights section.

  3. Pleased to see Beatrice featured as she was without doubt a real star here in Europe,so it's a great shame she departed the scene in such a strange way.(I believe she and he husband could still be in a Belgian jail)
    Since her departure from the scene no one appears to have filled the gap in Belgium despite the country having produced a number of good wrestlers who seem to fight in most European countries apart from Belgium.
    Perhaps it's the stigma attached to female wrestling after Beatrice's problems that keeps them from operating on their own turf.