Monday, October 8, 2012

Real Warriors (III)

Women Warriors has been a Blog hot subject in the last weeks. Many readers were not aware of its competitive videos produced in the 1990s, specially the ones with naked fighters. Since when the company closed down - probably in 1995 - I have never heard of other sales joint with the legal rights to sell its catalog. 
There is this Les Femmes Fatales Clips4sale store with many Women Warriors nude fights. Their prices are outrageous: more than US$1 per minute of footage! A great incentive to piracy... Some of the titles do not mention they are from the vintage Women Warriors, others do. I would like to know if they are from VHS tapes dubbed to digital or from master files with greater quality.
Anyway, the fight below is NOT there: Raven vs Jasmine and it has come from an original VHS tape dubbed to digital using amateur equipment; therefore, the quality is awful.
This is the first segment: second and third will be posted Tuesday and Wednesday.


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