Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Classics (I) (First Part)

To define something as a classic is utterly personal and subjective.And more: within the female fighting subject, there are lots of variations as you may observe from the many Blog posts and comments. So, look at this series as a one of the many possible list of unforgettable women combats.
The first entry is "Bad Day on Broome Street" from the venerand Crystal Films. A thirty minute minute video with two related catfights, it has a standard plot with relatively long preliminary scenes before the action. I like when the "guilty" girl gets ready for the settling of matters putting on the adequate catfight outfits - which are very well chosen.
The catfight will be posted here in full (in two parts); the main reason is its age (I guess from middle 1980´s) and a email from one of the original owners saying he didn´t mind to see Crystal videos posted on the Web. And the image quality was also downgraded on purpose.

Second part will posted tomorrow.

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