Friday, November 9, 2012

Ideas For The Olympics 2016

Because the next Olympic Games will be held in Rio, the organizers could get inspiration from the beach voleyball outfits to bring more allure to the freestyle female wrestling: I bet the arena would be at full capacity if the singlet were replaced by something like the one in the above picture. That is a collaboration to the success of the event from this humble Blog (lol).

Anyway, we had in the past London Olympics reasonable interesting action in this sport. All female division combats are available on YouTube from here. Looking at matches one realizes it is a combat with one or two weird rules (the way a tie in a round is resolved, for example). And it can be quite boring...

Here are the highlights of bronze medal decision in the 55kg category between Colombia and Ukraine.



  1. The uniforms definitely went downhill from the early days of women's freestyle. This could be such a hot sport.

  2. Fully agree with your points about allowing the replacement of singlets to attire as shown for women's volleyball. (Anonymous above--first posted comment--also has valid points.) Point is: Avoidance of ("erotic" ?) attraction is probably (and obviously) why such a style (let alone "upgrade") was nixed because I have no doubt such bikini/single bathing suit style was brought up for consideration. Absolutely no doubt. The standards were set to avoid such "arousal" and directly get the message across that women's wrestling is exactly that so forget about any "erotic" entertainment or else we're going to get hell from every nation's Olympic Committee that might even consider sending a women's team.

    ... Thanks for that YouTube link.

    I think time will displace such attitudes ... it's just a question of how to allow such attire when the time is right ...

    Hang tough !!! ...

    Separately, I just want to keep telling you you're doing a First-Class and Superb job here. Too many people take everything for granted and no one says that enough but make no mistake you're doing Creme-de-la-Creme work here.

    1. Many athletes in the tracking and field go to the job using skimpy outfits (like Yelena Isimbayeva) and nobody complains. Same for water sports. The only guys who get (some) criticism are the beach volleybal managers. It might be envy of the sport popularity.

      Actually, today´s women wrestling singlets are not that bad... if one compares to boxing (lol).

      Thanks, Panther100, for your kind remarks and continuing contributions.


  3. wow you guys don't know that rules got changed in 2005 to the current boring rules and unfair rules?

    women wrestling was very good 2004 and before that, then they came with the current rules, now it is just stupid sumo wrestling, no ground action and roounds only 2 minutes decided by coin toss or a push out side the ring.