Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Oh! Those Sweets

They started in skimpy and revealing outfits; that would be enough to give the staged fight a grade A. But they took them over, showing glorious breasts and buttocks, besides luscious tan marks. And, at the end, the suffering brunette is left laying on the mat with her intact and vast bush. A+, certainly.

Oh! this is SweetHeart SHR35, a 1995 production.


  1. I am still trying to find a Sweetheart video that had Brittany in it against another blonde. Started out in bikinis/suits for the first match and then nude in the second. Great emotion and also I LOVED the slingshot / catapult moves they did. I can never seem to find it, but I do like how Sweetheart tried to do erotic prostyle.


  2. If that brunet's bush was vast so is the state of Rhode Island. We never realy got a good look at it either. I'm a fan of the bush look. Today's models w/ fake hoots and shaved clams suck.

    1. LOL: vast for today´s standards...


      Note: I could make a ranking of bushes in female fights...