Monday, November 5, 2012

To Begin The Week

Few things are better to begin the week than a good ECNWC catfight - however short it may be. Crystal and Kenzie are on the mat, with the usual fierceness of the videos from this producer.


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  1. This video from ECNWC 'CF 32 -Three Shorter Fights' is still one of the best ever put out by anyone. There is the infamous Jenn vs Vira , Camille vs Mia and this one. This one ended nut long after what you show but the those attending had to make Kenzie get off of Crystal's face even though she had submitted. Kenzie seemed to be a real, spite full bitch, LOL.

    If you have access to the Camille vs Mia you should post it ... in full as it only lasts a few minutes ... the most ruthless crotch attack to a submission I ever saw. It's actually pretty scary ...

    This video, even without the high-tech equipment and professional filming, remains my favorite cat fight video ever.

    Thanks for posting it :>)