Monday, December 3, 2012

In The Raw For Real (28): One Of The Best

From the APL lot, it is likely to be its best competitive fighting in the nude (why have they abandoned the sub-genre?): Linda (one of my favorites) against Flame Dragon (another one of my favorites) in the video #379.

The nudity is standard - beautiful bodies, although - but the wrestling skills are top notch and the level of combativeness is high. So, do not complain about the video image quality ! (lol).



  1. This is among the best I have ever scene, video quality aside. Thanks!

  2. Flame Dragon's match with Mutiny was also very good.


  3. FlameDragan is one of my favourite wrestlers, very underrated and for the most part unrecogized. Tough and strong, she brought a intensity to all her matches.

  4. I am not a great lover of catfighting but this is great fantastic submissions