Friday, December 28, 2012

Style Pioneer?

Not a hundred percent sure, but Academy Production should have been the first to blend female fight with lesbian porn. And Soap 01 - Taira Takahashi vs Susie Wong, was the first in the series. Notice that Academy´s founder, Bruce, was still finding the combat protocol since Susie begins with the strap-on already in place. It is a long video - 50 minutes - but the porn takes half of the footage.


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  1. " ... begins with the strap-on already in place ... but the porn takes half of the footage."

    [Much Thanks for that (in my case) very helpful piece of information.]

    Now I can know the bullshit to skip over and better know what to expect to edit out.

    ... additionally,

    Thanks very much for that fast reply a couple of weeks ago regarding my detection of viruses on YouTube whenever I shifted over to see a listed video displayed in a theater playlist. (Sorry I took so long answering; I've been so damn busy over the past couple months it's been unbelievable.)

    You're probably right about the viruses being embedded in the YouTube advertisements over there. As I've just tried again, it appears all or nearly all the time the videos over there are still infected with this bullshit:


    That still seems to be the case no matter what the video or advertisement shown with it.

    So I'll just watch them in the playlist.

    At any rate, hope you're having a great holiday season.