Monday, December 10, 2012

Tag Teams, Nadege And Personal Life

I have come across this 2002 outstanding tag team combat which I consider one of the best competitive matches in this sub-genre. It is from Tania Kicks TK019 and has Nadege & Tiger Lily against Steele Rose & Kristie Etzold. As expected, the Beatrice Goffin pupil gives a lesson of strength and skill, beating fair and square the bigger opponents with some help from Tiger. The fight is fully posted here: Tania Kicks is unfortunately out of business and I could not find any legitimate heir.

The same video has an outdoor catfight (that appears before the tag team) where Nadege thoroughly beats Demi with gusto. It is here, also in full.

I have already commented that Nadege is one that multi-purpose fighters who is able to go from fully competitive to erotic with the same panache. Either in gala mode or with "working clothes", always pretty.

It is somewhat strange to watch and compare those photos with the ones shown at her Facebook page, with family pictures, quiet and beautiful landscapes, etc. - the standard fare of an average active woman. But in this case a professional catfighter. 


  1. Nice seeing Nadege and Tweety. I have the good fortunate of business travel to San Diego while Nadege was visiting Tweety, and I arranged a session with both of them at Tweety's house. Great fun.

  2. Nadege was always a favorite of mine and think she looked her best when she was wearing the long braids. She was/is great at all of it; catfighting, wrestling and sexfighting.

    Among my favorite purchases of FF material of all time were two from Cailf. Wildcats ; one was titled 'The Lightweight Ordeal' ; a fantastic round-robin wrestling tournament and the other was called "Live Sex from Budapest' ( or something like that ) which was all sex fighting. Both of these videos featured Nadege at her best.

    These tapes were two of the best buys for my $$$ ever spent on this interest but then I can't remember any thing I ever saw Nadege in that disappointed me.

    1. The first tape you mention was produced by the legitimate wrestling spin-off of CW: Video Sports. It is the V081 Summer Sweat The Lightweight´s Ordeal. By watching the trailer (subject of next Wednesday 12/26 post) it is a real treat.


  3. I've always loved Nadege too, she is a very beautiful and skilled wrestler. I remember seeing a video of her fighting a french girl, in what looked like a school gym. Anyway her blond opponent BIT her. ANyone have any idea what vid that is?

  4. The fight she has with Demi is great and I love the way she "scissored" her out and then calmly stood in back while Demi tried to get herself together to get up and get more. Nadege's legs are real weapons and she really did a job on Demi's mid section. Beautiful!

  5. I love the fact also that Nadege was only about 21 at the time and Demi was obviously the older one. It should have been her schooling the younger girl but Nadege has the superior speed Once she meaning Nadege got those legs tangled around Demi's mid section she really knotted her up good. Nadege did a lot of that in some of her earlier bouts in a gym against a couple of bigger German girls one being Susan and the other I don't recall her name. Susan she beat again one other time. Both were much bigger but Nadege was so much faster and made them look foolish at times. Great viewing those matches@

  6. I really like the fight outdoors she had with Demi and saw at about 5:56 that Demi was getting tired and got rolled around 6:27. She got to her knees around 6:34 but the clever Nadege scissored her and brilliantly somehow hooks her left foot around Demi's right leg. She wasn't expecting that I bet and the pressure made her give. Love the way Nadege calmly stands in back when someone asks Demi if she's ok at about 7:06 of the fight. She sure finished her good and it was the best part of the fight.