Friday, February 22, 2013

In The Raw For Real (29): My Favorite Brunette

It is always a pleasure to find a Nadege fight to illustrate a Blog series, specially the nude competitive one. Here she maules (whay would you expect?) Jana for Beka in AS057 (video available at AS Film). She was at the peak of her shape at that time: one can see the strenght of her leg and arm muscles when she puts hold and more holds upon the brave Jana.



  1. is she still active? when was her last match?
    heard she won legitimate bjj tournaments and had a kid. any validation of either of those

    1. She won bjj tournaments (see here : and she has a boy (!/nadwrestling)

      But I don´t know she is active... I guess she is not...

  2. LOL ... wait until that little boy grows up with a female wrestling fetish, discovers Califiornia Wildcats and downloads a copy of ' Live Sex from Budapest ' ....

    " OMG ........ IT"S MOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "

  3. Nadege was the torch bearer for the girls who worked for Beatrice Goffin many of whom left the scene at the same time as Beatrice.Nadege though carried on taking part in events in Europe and beyond and was a perfect example of a girl who loved a fight,indeed a study of her record on film reveals at least a couple of bouts which finished with her in tears.