Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Alert: Nice Assortment Of New Fights

For a change, this alert concerns Theaters One and Two where I have posted to about 50 new fights altogether. They do not expose women intimacies (nothing to do with the art below...) but some were unknown to me and represent a good variety of sources and styles. And they can be wiped out soon...


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  1. What a treat .... thanks for taking the time to post all of these! Lots here I have never seen before.

    I'd have to say currently my favorite producer is probably 'Female Wrestling Zone' ; most matches having just enough skill and ability to keep them sexy.

    I also like Fighting Style but I don't keep up with them despite great looking girls and the many fighting scenarios they have. I think it's because the girls are often too skilled for my tastes. They all take a beating and I've seen some of their event matches where the girls show more bandages , elbow and knee wraps than they do skin. But wouldn't it be great to attend one of their events ? I haven't been a member there in years so maybe it's time I catch up with their stuff.

    Thanks again for the great assortment of long clips :>)