Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ecstasy In Hell

Ecstasy (!) is just one of the fighters in this video from Catfights From The Hellfire Club series, shot at the legendary joint where the best rowdy catfights of the 1990s (?) took place. Her opponent is Tara and fight is here in full.



  1. These 'Den' cat fights always intrigued me , not so much for the fights but for the event itself. Has anyone here reading this blog ever attended one of these or at least has information about them ?

    I always wondered about them ; where they were located ... looks like a filthy, roach-infested basement of some dilapidated warehouse ; who the competitors were that agreed to wrestle naked in such a shit-hole ; who were the spectators ... friends of those wrestling or was this 'event' advertised somewhere and did it slowly die on it's own or did the whole thing get 'busted' ?

    A few years ago a fellow in Va. started a legitimate female wrestling show/event called TUFF ( Tidewater Ultimate Female Fighting ) that had really good 'clean' events, trained girls and the events were held in respectable venues but TUFF also disappeared, unfortunately.

    Although I heard it was due to financial problems putting on the events I'd bet my house it was shut down by some anal-retentive people offended by girls wrestling. Too bad as they were putting on really nice shows every couple months ... I'd usually attend though it was almost a four hour drive for me.

    I'd be interested in hearing if anyone has more info of the history of these 'Den' events.

  2. I have never been there either. One Blog reader used to be a Crystal Films partner; hope he will come forward to tell details about the legendary joint.

  3. for the love of all things holy, please more of this stuff good sir!!!!

  4. It was the 90s and yes I was lucky enough to attend one of these events. The location was the Hell Fire Club in Manhatten New York City.Definitley the undergound fetish club most of the time, but once a month they would host these catfight events with crystalfilms. Maylay hosted the night I was there. The event I attended ended up being Catfights From the HellFire Club #4 on dvd and download. It was awsome and a memory I will have forever. A catfight lovers dream.

  5. Were those hellfire fights ever staged at all? I watch one with miss v and sunshine. In the first round sunshine seemed to overpower miss v. But in the other rounds it was the opposite. Can anyone tell me? Cheers