Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March Deviations

A weak vintage of pictures from Deviant Art: that was the result of my browsing by the traditional repository of art. By the way, a Blog reader has pointed to me that there is an apparent downturn in the quality and quantity of female fighting material in the Internet and I had to agree. It might be market saturation, producers getting out of business because of present economics or piracy, lack of imagination... A theme open to debate...



  1. I agree with that observation :(


  2. If we cannot find much new work, then let's go back to the Masters. Here is a Yahoo! group that has collected almost everything Stanton and others have done in the genre:

    G. Tirebiter

  3. The downturn in quality to me seems to be countered with an uptick in interest. Seems to me womens' combat is getting more notice in traditional media outlets. Womens' MMA is even on UFC now in a stance reversal from that organization. With all the new interest flowing in you're going to encounter a variety of quality as so many new fans 'test the water' until they are comfortable with themselves being interested in this form of eroticism. Plus, now anyone can grab a camera, two girls, and call themselves a producer whereas it used to take time and effort so after spending such you wanted to put out a quality product.