Tuesday, April 2, 2013

5th Anniversary... In The Hellfire Club

On April, 2nd, 2008, I posted this quite short clip from Woman´s World Video and ... I am still alive against all odds. So, to celebrate the fifth year of the Female Fighting Theatre, nothing better to watch a timeless favorite, a Catfight from the Hellfire Club fight, produced by Crystal Films, with a complete brawl between two hardcore ladies from the basement: Miss Dee and Maylay.

Besides this post, there is one more thing (as the legendary Steve used to say).


  1. Congrats & keep up the Great work!


  2. Even though Maylay lost this fight, she was a great fighter for Crystal, in fact maybe the best and certainly the most entertaining. She was tireless and energetic and in some of the best storyline catfights ever filmed like Pinball Wizard and Crash. And for a somewhat larger woman, she was incredibly sexy with a great body. I imagine she's in her 60s now, so she probably isn't fighting anymore, which is too bad. Great clip, let's have more of Maylay. Congrats on five years and here's to your future success.

  3. i was checking the crystal films website and they still sell 3 hellfire videos, i was wondering if anyone knows if they are as good as this movie?

  4. Maylay reminds me of my ex-wife, like to see them get in a clothes ripping catfight,with them both ending up nude. I think Maylay wins.

  5. Great action from thee two awesome Ladies. They gave it there all. Love to see more of these Women going at it with other beautiful opponents. Thanks again for posting this video!


  6. my wife looks just like Maylay with big boobs to,She also fought a girl from PR and like Maylay got beat! Wife was a good fighter and at 61 still is, if Maylay is still fighting in her 60's that would be a great match,

    1. Good for you to have a close senior women fighter. I appreciate very much combats between 60 plus women

  7. Miss v was my favorite. She got curvier later on. Sexy lady!