Monday, April 15, 2013

Warning: Highly Sexy Fight Ahead!

Lisa-Marie (where are you, darling???) has been one of the most featured fighters in this Blog and there goes one more post (I guess nobody will complain...).   She has a formidable (in many senses) opponent in TPC 99-12-1 video: Hayley (my kind of blonde). Both display an awesome tan but it is Lisa who shines with those legs, big but balanced frame, those buns and... sorry, I got carried away (lol).

There is another fight between those two gorgeous ladies that I will try to find.



  1. There r 3 fights between Lisa Marie & Hayley which I do have. Storyline is that this is a challenge in which Lisa Marie and Hayley fight a best of 3 matches to determine who's best in the end. I suspect Hayley was brought in by TPC because Lisa Marie defeated every girl with TPC before these bouts and for Hayley the task to beat Lisa Marie. Both are the same height & weight. I will not spoil the outcome but will Lisa Marie reign undefeated with TPC or will Hayley put Lisa Marie in a orld of hurt and end her undefeated reign?

  2. Yes, you are right. Lisa Marie and Hayley had 3 matches to see who was best. I don't know who won but it sure looked hot! I'd love to have all 3 matches in my collection.

  3. You may or may not know that Haley was also a session wrestler in New York for Tempest. I had a few matches with her back when and she was an absolute delight as a person along with being a tough but fun competitor. I miss her terribly and hope she is well wherever she is now.